Your Bracelet


Small changes can have profound outcomes. Taking a moment to pause and reflect. Affirming your intentions. Breathing a little deeper. Wearing a reminder that what you focus on becomes your reality. 

Each Aura bracelet is created with great care to assist you on your journey and comes with the tools to help you integrate it into a daily self-care practice.

The rocks in your Aura bracelet have been carefully picked using our love of geology and science and drawing from energy healing classes, including Crystal Awakening 101 course. Bracelets are created with intention and have been infused with positive Reiki energy (certified Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho training).

Your bracelet comes with information of the geology, historical significance, and metaphysical properties of each stone. If someone comments on it, you’ll know that stone’s name and a few things about it to start a conversation. Understanding the meaning behind the elements of your bracelet also makes it more meaningful to you. You choose your bracelet for a reason and it can be a support to you – included in your write-up are also suggested mantras or affirmations to say when putting it - this can increase the intention of the bracelet. 

Live your life with intention, starting with what you wear