Smokey Quartz and Obsidian Bracelet

Smokey Quartz and Obsidian Bracelet


This Aura Stone Design bracelet has been created with high-quality material.
* Strong elastic stretch cord
* Smokey Quartz beads
*Larger Black Obsidian bead in centre

A short write up of your Aura bracelet’s geology, history, and metaphysical properties is included, along with suggested affirmations.

BLACK OBSIDIAN -  Self Reflection + Protection + Spiritually Grounding
Obsidian is a volcanic glass which has cooled very quickly resulting in no uniform crystal structure. When broken it can have sharp edges making it the choice stone for making knives, arrowheads, scrappers, and spears. It is great for slicing away negative energy and provides psychic protection and grounding. It helps to reflect your true self and accept yourself in your entirely. It helps you become more aware of negative and stressful patterns in your life so you can work towards limiting them.

SMOKEY QUARTZ -  Grounding + Cleansing + Transformation
One of the most efficient grounding and cleansing stones. It’s strong link to the earth blocks and absorbs electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress providing a positive vibration and centering energy. It helps you overcome negative energy such as stress, fear, jealously, and anger and teaches you to leave behind that which no longer serves you.

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