Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose Quartz Bracelet


This Aura Stone Design bracelet has been created with high-quality material.
* Strong elastic stretch cord
* Rose Quartz beads with one slightly larger bead in the center

A short write up of your Aura bracelet’s geology, history, and metaphysical properties is included, along with suggested affirmations.

ROSE QUARTZ – Love + Balance + Reconciliation
Quartz is the second most abundant minerals on the earth's surface and is found in many countries and many geologic environments.
Known as the love stone, Rose Quartz fame goes back to Greek myths. Cupid, Roman god of desire and affection was said to have given us this store as a gift of passion, love, and happiness. Another legend is of Ares, the Greek god of war. Ares tried to kill Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis. In trying to save Adonis, she cut her self on a briar bush and spilled her blood on quartz crystals, staining them pink. Zeus took pity on the lovers and restored Adonis to Aphrodite for six months every year – which is why it is also know as a stone of reconciliation.

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