Awakening - Purple amethyst and rudraksha seed bracelet

Awakening - Purple amethyst and rudraksha seed bracelet


Connect more intimately to your spiritual journey with the calm and positive energy of this bracelet.

This Aura Stone Design bracelet has been created with high-quality material, select the size you would like when ordering.

  • Strong elastic stretch cord
  • Purple amethyst 
  • Rudraksha seed

A short write up of your Aura bracelet’s geology, history, and metaphysical properties is included, along with suggested affirmations. A link to a longer write-up is provided. Recommended to wear on your left wrist when not using it for meditation. 

Amethyst: The stone of spirit - Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which balances the emotional, spiritual, and physical to promote calm and purifies the spirit.
Rudraksha: Rudraksha beads are very rare precious. Spiritually they have been worn and used for meditation, japa mantra, and pujas/fire ceremonies for many centuries. Yogis and Monks have found that wearing the Rudraksha beads gives them a sense of tranquility and concentration. 

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