Aura Lux: Picasso Jasper

Aura Lux: Picasso Jasper

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Reiki infused boho Buddha bracelet- bring transformation to your creative process and your relationships. 

This Aura Stone Design bracelet has been created with high-quality material and measures 7 3/4 inches. This size generally fits nicely on males and loose on females (7 - 7 1/2 inches is our regular female size). Custom sizing is available; just leave a note in checkout.
* Strong elastic stretch cord
* Picasso jasper
*Buddha Head charm

A short write up of your Aura bracelet’s geology, history, and metaphysical properties is included, along with suggested affirmations. A link to a longer write-up is provided. 

Picasso Jasper

The message from Picasso Jasper is to celebrate life, be creative, and have meaning relationships! 

Picasso Jasper specifically is known as an aid in transforming your creativeness and transforming your relationship. This stone is said to attract like minded people who will become your loyal and trusted friends. It is also said to renew old friendships and bring extra energy to established romantic relationships. Picasso Jasper has a strong grounding and calming qualities the help bring emotional strength and self-discipline. It reminds us to celebrate and enjoy life. What a beautiful thing to bring to your relationships! 

Picasso Jasper is also good for  your creative energy by helping you breaking through creative blocks and old patterns. Reflect on the colours and patterns seen in each stone in your bracelet. Touch each one and reflect on each and every stone. For an extra boost, say one of the suggested affirmations  and you will find you get an extra creative boost! Now do something creative! Do you feel your creativity flow easier? 

Picasso Jasper is also associated with the sign of Leo. It is helpful for anxiety and stress, as it provides stability during times of change or transformation. 

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