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Aura Stone Designs - gemstone bracelets with affirmations

Our Name - Aura


  • a distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds or is generated by a person, thing, or place. "The place had an aura of mystery."

  • an energy field that comes from a living being, often viewed by mystics, spiritualists, and some practitioners of complementary medicine as the essence of the individual.

  • a luminous radiation.

Metaphysical properties of rocks. Reiki energy. Chakras.  Self Care. Intentional living. These terms have become common place but they there is still an aura of mystery surrounding them. 

Each Aura bracelet and the education surrounding them offers the owner the gateway into these areas and make them more meaningful and assessible. 

Our CEO - Muriah

I have a passion for evidence based healthcare, balanced with what I admit is an eccentric mix of interests and skills.

In addition to having a Masters in Sociology, I’m also a member of the local Gem and Mineral Club, a Reiki practitioner, and Crystal Master. I never stop learning and am always researching and taking courses. 

All these elements magically come together with Aura Stone Designs. I research the natural stones that I use, infuse them with Reiki energy, and include information on the geology, historical significance, and metaphysical properties of each stone in the bracelet that I have researched.

Being named after the Wind and being an empath,  I have personally used the power of gemstones and affirmations to help ground me and in many areas in my life. I went from being an average student to getting a full scholarship to do my Masters degree. I gave birth naturally to two children using affirmations and mediation. I've gone from couch to a half marathon runner in less than a year. I know how life changing having a positive mindset and the correct tools can be and I am passionate about sharing that with others. 

 I feel like I'm currently on a spiritual journey.  I don't have all the answers. But I am so grateful to share what I learn with the Aura community and watch us grow together! 

CEO of Aura

Aura Stone Designs Mission

Our Mission - to Empower

Aura Stone's mission is to empower people to live a more positive and intentional life with high quality natural stone bracelets and the education needed to integrate them into a daily self-care practice.

Aura is a trusted source for honest, reliable, and easy to digest information. Aura Stone Designs sets itself apart by having an overview of the stone that comes with your bracelet, which includes science and geology, as well as how to put the bracelets to use in daily self-care practice with the use of affirmations. This information is well-researched, well-written, and is backed by credentials. We also share a variety of blog posts on subject manners related to living a more positive and intentional life. 


Our business - Our passion

Aura was started in late January 2017. We started on Etsy and then moved to our own website. We currently sell online and do several shows annually in the Toronto, Canada area. We are also accepting wholesale inquires

Just two months into business we were selected to participate in NOOKSTART, a 10 week  entrepreneurial competition for creatives. We made it to the final round where we got to pitch Aura to a panel of industry experts and a live audience. It was an exciting opportunity and we were so proud to stand in the finals with the top Ontario artisans. 

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Aura at the Toronto Yoga and Wellness Show