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Use your Aura gemstone bracelet to learn more about the stones and incorporate them into a daily self-care routine.

Aura Stone Designs makes handcrafted bracelets in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Our minimal designs have been described as luxury, classic, and timeless. It has become a favorite among lifestyle and fashion bloggers, proving that good vibes go with every style!

Not only is your Aura bracelet gorgeous, it also comes with information on the stones. You will be educated on the geology of the stones, any historical significance, and the metaphysical properties. Knowing a bit more about your bracelet can make it more meaningful to you and help you connect to it's vibration. Plus, if someone comments on your stunning bracelet, you will be educated to share interesting facts about your stones and spark a conversation. 

Aura Stone Designs wants to help empower people to live a more positive and intentional life. Your bracelet also includes affirmations or mantras that match the intent of your bracelet to increase it's effectiveness. Say an affirmation when you put it on. Look at your bracelet and say your affirmation when you need a pick-me-up. Use your bracelet as a support in your daily self-care routine.  

Take a deep breath and check out our store and see which bracelet call to you! 


our mission

Empower people to live a more positive and intentional life with high quality natural stone bracelets and the education needed to integrate them into a daily self-care practice.

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