4 Powerful Lessons A Woman’s Circle Will Teach You

Joining a woman's circle has many lessons - read this blog post now and then find one!

Last year I joined my first woman’s circle. But it wasn’t first without some hesitation. I’ve been to events before that ended up being all woman attendees. Why was there a need to specifically label an event just for woman? What would make the event different?  When I came across a local woman’s circle event that combined yoga, meditation, and journaling, it was too good to pass it up regardless of what label it was given. And after attending my first one, I have since gone to every monthly one that I can make!

The circle I attended was RISE Women’s Empowerment Circle. It’s held monthly by mentor and yoga and meditation instructor, Tina Adorisio in Stouffville, Ontario. While there is no hierarchy – each woman’s voice is honoured and equal - Tina guides the gathering through a series of practices that involve yoga poses, guided relaxation, meditation, writing, mindfulness techniques, and discussion to reset our energy and direct our minds and bodies for what the next month has in store for us. It’s a safe space for women to join together in sisterhood and connect.

After each circle I leave  feeling grounded, balanced, and empowered by the collective energy of the group. Here are the four lessons that I learned by attending a woman’s circle:

Holding space is connecting

1. Holding Space is connecting

Each RISE event starts with the circle gathering to share and ends with a reflection from all. Holding space for someone is opening your heart and mindfully listening without judgment, without offering advice. Holding space is one of the most powerful things we can do for our loved ones and such a beautiful gift to offer a stranger. Giving loving silence and allowing someone to freely express themselves makes that person feel loved and supported. There are benefits for you too - you can use it as an opportunity to tap into your empathy, patience, and being present. Holding space is an amazing way connect with other women.

You deserve to take up space

2. You deserve to take up space

Women are often use to putting others (partners, kids, bosses) ahead of their own needs. We shrink into spaces; mindful we don’t take up more than our seat on the subway. We may hide our flaws - both physical and character in nature. Yet in a room of supportive woman, the lesson that you deserve to take up space and should take up space is explicitly delivered again and again. Find your voice. Speak up – be heard! Make a loud exhale. Sigh. Take the room you need – stretch out on that yoga mat! Feel like doing a different yoga pose? – No problem; express yourself! A woman’s circle allows you the space to be vulnerable; to be unapologetically yourself.

You are never alone

3. You are never alone

Falling in love, dealing with breakups, being happily married, going through a divorce, being a mom, not having kids, suffering a loss, not feeling like you are enough, dealing with body issues, finding yourself…There are so many highs and lows that women go through and that ‘realness’ is often lacking in our everyday world. Women carry multiple responsibilities and roles throughout their life. It’s not a path you have to walk alone. We are all so different, yet chances are there is someone in your women’s circle who is going through the same thing you are or has in the past. The support you will feel is genuine and real. With our shared experience, we can learn and we can heal together.

Rise and grow together

4. Rise and grow together

As a woman, you can be in completion and compare yourself and judge yourself to other women. Or we can come together, thrive together, lift each other up, and grow together. How magical that Tina’s event is called RISE as I feel that is what we collectively do as a group in each session. It is sisterhood at it’s finest!

I hope you hear the call and gather together with your sisters!  Claim your power and join a women’s circle!  Find a local women's group and find that missing element in your life. And if you are anywhere near Stouffville, Ontario, I encourage you to join in the magic of the RISE circles - I will see you there!  

Next RISE Empowering Women’s Group gathering:

Monday Jan 14th at 7:30pm


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