WORKSHOP: Gems, Aromas, and Affirmations

Yoga and Wellness Show in Toronto

Gems, Aromas, and Affirmations Workshop

At the Yoga and Wellness Show in Toronto that we connected with Wendy's Gentle Yoga. I am so pleased to bring your a workshop to share more about gemstone and affirmations with Wendy's expertise with essential oils.

It will be held Sunday February 25th at 2pm in Oshawa - just a quick trip from Ajax, Pickering, and Brooklin (about 45 mins from downtown Toronto and 30 mins from Markham).

Read on to hear more about everything you will learn and experience at this workshop!

Gems and minerals 101

Gems and Minerals

Each gem and mineral carries a story with it; there is the geology about how it was created, it's role in history and in different cultures, and the metaphysical properties that some believe are connected to it.

I have a background in research, I've completed the The Rock Store's 'Crystal Awakenings' class, I'm a member of the Gem and Mineral Club, and I am ready to give you a good overview!

You'll leave the workshop with a better understanding of why people believe in crystal energy and a deeper connection to the gemstones that you choose mindfully.

Essential oils 101 class

Essential oils

Essential oils have many benefits and there are a variety of ways to encourage them into your daily routines. Wendy will share information while you smell and select ones that resonate with you.

One way of using essential oils is rubbing them on basalt/lava stone beads. The porous nature of lava stones act as a natural essential oil diffuser. Place one drop of your favorite essential oil on the black lava beads. A little goes a long way! The surface of the lava beads are porous with small craters and they will absorb the oil. Rub in the oil and then wait a few minutes for the oil to absorb into the naturally porous surface of the bead before putting it on, to avoid staining your clothes. Depending on the potency of your essential oil, your scent will last 1-2 days. When the aromatherapy fades, you can use more oil on them. You can reapply the oils as often as you prefer and any oil that you like. It's also okay to switch what oil you want to use on them.

Learn about affirmations


I went from average student to getting my Masters degree on a full scholarship. Two natural childbirths. Couch to half marathon. Manifesting my dream job. I know first hand about the power of affirmations and I am excited to share how you can implement them into a daily routine!

Affirmations are positive statements phrased in the present state. So instead of 'I wish I could find a new job', try 'I am open to new opportunities and am manifesting my dream job.' Instead of 'Ugh, I want to look like that model', try 'I am beautiful and unique. I love and accept myself unconditionally.'

After learning about what they are, what makes a good one, and the law of attraction, you will be supplied with a variety of affirmations. With this new knowledge, select or construct affirmations that resonates exactly with what you need to hear on your current journey.

Maka your mala bracelet

Personalized gemstone bracelet

All your learning in the workshop will come together as you make your own high-quality gemstone bracelet.

You will be guided in a mindful practice to create a custom bracelet. Given your new understanding of gem and mineral properties, you will be able to select stones that perfectly align to you. Mindfully creating the bracelet, you will say your affirmations silently as you string each bead to infuse it with your intent. Showing confidence in your new knowledge about essential oils, you will add essential oils that perfectly reflect your intention to any lava stones in your bracelet.

Self Care is imporant!

Self Care

Mindfulness, living intentionally, self care. Learn what these all really mean and how you can use the tools from this workshop to create your own effective and easy self-care routine. You'll learn a lot in this workshop and you'll leave with a plan to putt it all into place to help you manifest your dream life.

See you there!

See you there!

I am so excited to meet you all at Wendy's Gentle Yoga. It will be such a nice afternoon of learning, manifesting, and creating. You can sign-up by RSVPing to the Facebook event. All supplies will be given to you - just show up!

Love and light,