Connecting with Crystals: an introduction to their metaphysical properties

Connecting with crystals - a blog post about the science behind the metaphysical properties of crystals
Learn how to have a natural connection with the earth - blog post about crystal metaphysical properties

I have a background in research and so when one day I thought it would be neat to learn more about rocks, I dived in and enrolled in The Rock Store's 'Crystal Awakenings' class. The class covered geology, physics, history, and the metaphysical side of crystals. Part of the class was holding different crystals and going through a mediation with them. We were asked to reflect on what feelings and imagery came to mind. I could feel a clear difference in each stone and how it resonated in my body and in my mind. Without knowing anything about the crystals beforehand, we shared as a group what we felt with each stone and our experiences were quite similar. Our homework from the class to establish a practice of regular mediation, incorporate different crystals, and develop a 'connection' and 'sensitivity' to the different vibrations. This process felt like I was relearning how to have that natural connection to the Earth. I was learning to take moments to quite my mind and ground myself. And with this, I slowly and somewhat hesitantly became a crystal energy believer. 

Blog post on crystal energy

Metaphysical refers to 'that which is beyond what is perceptible to the senses'. But interestingly, understanding the metaphysical properties of crystals, you need to start with some basic science. Quantum physics explains that everything is energy, that energy can be transferred and that everything vibrates. We know that all matter is made up of the 88  elements of the Periodic Table of Elements; each with its own frequency. The science behind Piezoelectricity has taught us that you can make energy flow through crystals - it's why we find crystals in watches, microphones, computers, and even lighters. We know that quartz can store massive amounts of data and have been used in computer chips. We also know that our body produces electromagnetic energy - the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body which is up to 50 mV/m, and that of the brain and other vital organs up to 5 mV/m.

Vibrate higher - a blog post about crystal energy

Everything is made up of some of the 88 elements of the Periodic Table, just in different amounts. When working with minerals and crystals, we are connecting with some of the basic elements from the Periodic Table that form all matter - us, the people around us, our Earth, and our universe. That understanding that we are all connected is often missing in our urban modern day environment. Taking the time to recognize this connection to the Earth and nature can have a profound effect in its self. 

Stones are believed to carry specific and stable frequencies that are affected by the archetypal energy of the stone, the specific mineral content of that particular stone, and the formation and interior alignment of the stone. Each crystal will have it's own specific rate of vibration. Bringing a crystal into our own electromagnetic field or Aura, the two frequencies between your body and the crystal will have an interaction; a communication channel is opened. Many believe that crystals frequencies can help attune the frequencies within our cells and in our chakras or energy grids to that of the crystal. Crystals are used to move, absorb, focus, direct, and diffuse energy within the body.

Learning about crystals - blog post about crystals being a tool for self care and aid in guiding mood and energy levels

Being open to learning about the metaphysical properties of crystals was quite a 'leap of faith' for me. I did the March for Science. I am a strong supporter of evidence-based healthcare and policy. I am a published author in respected peer-reviewed health journals....and yet I find before a presentation that I will now make sure I'm my wearing Sodialite bracelet and I'll put Howlite by my bedside table to help me get to sleep.

Embracing the woo-woo side of crystals doesn't mean I use crystals over modern day healthcare; to be clear, they are not medicine. Instead, I see crystals as a helpful tool for self-care and an aid in guiding my mood and energy levels. As well, the metaphysical elements add another layer of information to learn about the minerals I add to my growing collection; it's another page to their story along with their geology and their historical and cultural significance. 


Crystals as an ally - blog post on the metaphysical properties of crystals


Wearing a crystal bracelet or meditating with a crystal won't suddenly make your ailment go away. Crystals can be used like an ally on your journey - your journey through different stages in your life or a spirtual journey. Like a new fitness regime, you need to put in the work and be consistent and take the time to see results.

Crystals can be a great way to physically show your clear and explicit intentions and help support your goals. You can be intentional with what gemstones you wear or which minerals you place around your house - and they can be reminders to support those intentions. Call it a placebo effect or the power of suggestion, if you view them as a tool to help you relax and find balance, they'll probably help you do just that. 

 Grab a crystal, put on a gemstone bracelet, and feel the good vibes for yourself!