Find your winter zen

Winter zen challenge

Winter. Ugh.

It's February and it feels like Ontario, Canada is stuck in a never ending winter. Lots of snow and very cold. So cold, that I had to fend off a hungry coyote from eating someones dog (True story! And there is a video of it! LOL).

I don't play hockey and it's been years since I went skating or skiing. For me, winter has been a time to hibernate inside and take a nice family vacation somewhere warm.

Which we did! We just returned from a week in Jamaica...and came back to driveways needing to be shoveled and winter storm alerts.

But rather then letting me drag me down, I've decided to do a winter re-set and find my 'winter zen'!

Have you heard about Instagram Yoga Challenges? If not, you can read all about them in this past blog post.

Aura is sponsoring a fun twelve-day Instagram Yoga Challenge called 'Find Your Winter Zen' starting on February 12th 2018.  There are six sponsors of the challenge and one of the prizes at the end will be a beautiful Aura bracelet! See the #findyourwinterzen on Instagram to learn how to join!

During these 12 days there are poses to work into your yoga practice...and also a chance to enjoy (!) winter and really find your winter zen!

Here is the pose lineup so you get an idea of what to expect - each with a link to an instruction video:


Toe stand pose for winter zen

3. Toe stand pose

Wheel pose for Find Your Winter Zen Challenge

10. Wheel Pose

Find your winter zen with yoga

12. Wide legged forward fold