Cleanse and charge your crystals

How do you cleane and charge your crystals and gemstones?
How to cleanse and charge your crystals

Cleanse and charge your crystals

As crystals energy become more mainstream, you might hear of people talking about cleansing, clearing, and charging their crystals and gemstones. What's this all about? Let's go over the basics of crystal energy, the different terms, and how you can easily put them into practice.

Crystal energy

Crystal Power

To start, let's review some basics about crystal energy. Minerals have an ordered atomic arrangement which means they have an internal crystalline structure. If you were to cut a mineral sample, it would look the same throughout. All minerals vibrates at a certain frequency. If you are sensitive to energy fields or are an empath, you may feel the energy or feel a tingle when you first pick up a crystal or wear one for long periods of time. It is believed that our atoms, electromagnetic field, or auras are harmonized by interacting with the unique symmetry of crystals.

Crystals emit their vibration but it is also believed that they can absorb energy or be weakened from deflecting and pushing away energy. Just like a battery, they can benefit from a recharge!

More on crystal energy and metaphysical properties in this blog post.

Manifest magic with intent


With all methods of of cleansing and charging, first set your intention and state silently or aloud that you are doing this to cleanse or charge your crystal for the best and highest good of all concerned.  After your stone is charged, thank the Divine by whatever name you know it for assisting in charging your stone.

The cleansing magic of Palo Santo from Aura Canada

Cleanse = spiritual purification

To cleanse or clear an object is just as the word implies—you are energetically cleaning it. Cleaning it of old and stagnant energy on a spiritual level or on an energy level.

Cleansing disassociates items with their past vibrations. Sitting in a store, people handling it, being transported, sitting on a shelf in your room gathering dust—it is thought that items pick up various bits of energy. You want to wipe the vibrational slate clean to attune it with your own energies, or those conducive to your goal.

Smoke and sound

There are various ways used to cleanse crystals but not all are safe for all minerals - for example, some may dissolve in water. My two favorite ones that I recommend are smoke and sound.

Using smoke with intention, or smudging. is the most common way to cleanse. The smoke can bind negative energy and dispel it. Read this blog on using Paolo Santo to cleanse your crystals, gemstones, and space.

Sound is also excellent for clearing negative energy, the sound wave literally whacks the negative frequencies right out of the crystal.

Easy ways to charge your cystals

Charge = embed with power

Crystals that are used to send energy are said to become depleted and need a charge to restore and boost their energy.

Just as with cleansing there are a few different ways to charge crystals. Again, some of them may not be right for all crystals, for example sunlight may dull the colour of your favorite crystal! I recommend the mood, selenite, and sacred geometry.

The moon, selenite, and sacred geometry

Crystals come from the Earth and have been nurtured in ying energy, the feminine. After it is  removed from the yin energies, it is now open to receive yang energies as its source of energy renewal.The sun's are very energizing but use the sun rays reflected off the moon to ensure your crystals don't fade. In Astrology, the moon rules the psychic, the subconscious mind, and our emotions. Set your crystals outside or at a window during a full moon. Use the full moon as this is when it's at it's maximum power as it is reflecting the most light. The Full Moon usually only lasts one day and this occurs about once a month or every 29 days. It's best to place your crystals in a spot where it will be directly exposed to the light.

Selenite, named after the Greek Goddness of the moon, is a very energizing stone. Simply place your crystals needing changing beside a selenite crystal for 24 hours.

Triangels are the feng shui geometry of the fire element and are a great way to generate energy. With three sides, those into numerology believe they promote change. Charge your gemstones and crystals in a pyramid shared container or shelf.