5 Reasons you should join an Instagram yoga challenge

5 reasons why you should join an Instagram yoga challenge
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If you're on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that yoga challenges have really gained popularity. Using the same hashtag for the challenge, participants share posts of them doing asanas and tagging the hosts and the sponsors of a challenge. There is a different pose each day picked by the hosts, generally around a theme of the challenge. Anyone is welcome to join and there are often prizes involved at the end.

Darya from @dardarling_ explains that while these challenges can be great fun but there are five main reasons you should join:

Be part of a larger yoga community

Be part of a larger community

A yoga challenge can put you in touch with like-minded individuals. Support your fellow challengers with likes and comments and they will do the same for you! It’s great knowing that you are all holding each other accountable and being supportive. You’re creating your own little yoga tribe with each challenge you participate in – some of these connections will continue long after the challenge ends.

See variations

See variations

You can connect with others doing the challenge by viewing posts using the hashtag. Strive to be genuine, not perfect in your posts. You will find that it is incredible to see so many variations of one yoga pose! It can be a source of inspiration and a confidence booster to see that there is no one correct way.

Yoga for free with Instagram Yoga Challenges

Yoga for free

The challenges are often lead by yoga instructors and experienced yogi. They will provide comments on your pose and offer tips in their posts. They will help remind you to warm up before doing the pose – something you may forget about!

Learn something new

Learn something new

The whole point of a yoga challenge is to push yourself to do things you haven’t done before! Maybe you haven't done much yoga at all. And for even the experts, you are likely going to be introduced to a pose you have not tried. Be inspired! Try it out! You may just find your new favorite pose!

Create a habit

Create a habit

Many people take a yoga class maybe once or twice a week. You will be challenging yourself daily to practice yoga, even if it is for a shorter period of time. This can help you get yoga into your everyday routine and create long-term habits. The fun really starts after the challenge ends!

I hope you give a yoga challenge a chance now that you know some of the benefits!





5 reasons you need to join an Instagram yoga challenge