5 Quick Tips to Vibe High

5 quick tips to help you vibe high

RISE up!

Each month I have the most amazing experiences at the RISE women’s circle hosted by Tina Addorisio. Yoga, journaling, mediation, and the most amazing sisterhood of women. If you’re anywhere close to York Region, you need to start joining these monthly sessions. Next RISE event is Sept 10 in Stouffville, Ontario and you can sign-up here.

In past seeions, Tina taught us about raising our vibration; how there are simple things we can do to change our state. Have you heard about high vibrational living? Pursuing a ‘high vibrational lifestyle’ is my personal 2018 focus– this is my jam! But it’s a new concept for many, so let’s unpack this this terminology, learn more about what it all means, and see how you can start implementing this in your life with 5 quick tips.

A high vibrational lifestyle can transform your life

Raise your vibration? High vibrational life? Huh?

I’ve talked about the science behind crystal energy – about how all things in the universe vibrate at their own particular frequency. Even solid things at the quantum level are made up of vibrational energy fields. Ancient teachings, as well as modern medicine, have shown that we all can increase the rate of electric flow within our body and energy systems, and that there is a direct correlation between raising our vibratory rate and our ability to repel disease, increase vitality and raise consciousness.

The higher your frequency of energy or vibration, the lighter you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. Your energy is your personal power! You have the ability to attract into your life and manifest that which you deserve and feel worthy of. Things start to just click – you attract people into your life that rise you up, opportunities present them selves, you find you have more energy…you are living that high vibe life!

If you can learn how to raise your vibrational frequency, you can transform your life! Here are 5 simple things you can start doing today!

Our inner world creates our outer world - use mantras and affirmations

1. Be mindful of your thoughts

What you think, day, and feel becomes your reality. Every single thought that comes into your head has an impact on you. When you change those thoughts and think positive, happy thoughts, they become things too. I love using mantras to help direct my thoughts away from limiting beliefs. In the morning I say an affirmation and use my Aura bracelets throughout the day as a physical reminder of these positive attentions. The more you do this, the more positive thinking will become natural.

Don’t know what an affirmation is? Need some help picking an affirmation that resonates with you? Each Aura bracelet comes with affirmations matched to the stones to help make things easy and there is a ton of information on affirmations here if you want to get started with them today.

Seriously, if there is one thing you can do for your self, pick an affirmation and say it to yourself over and over for a month. This is an amazing gift to give yourself – commit and you will see a transformation!

Make your space joyful and sarcred - great tips in this blog post!

2. Your space should boost your engery, not drain it!

The energy of your space can help boost your personal energy.  De-clutter, fill your space with things that spark joy, add crystals and plants to your space, make a sacred alter, smudge all the stagnant and negative energy out of your space  (read more about using Paolo Santo here), and play mantras and happy music (my daily playlist is here).

Take a look at the four places you spend the most of your time. Is it the kitchen? Your bedroom? Your desk? Give each of these four a refresh and your energy and mental health will benefit.

Food is energy - list of great Instargamers and bloggers your should follow

3. Food is energy - so eat like a Goddess!

Since everything has it’s own frequency, which do you think has a higher vibration; canned vegetables or a tomato you picked from your backyard? What about chicken versus vegetables? I have committed to the high vibrational lifestyle, so I am now vegetarian and make vegan choices when possible. As a basic rule, try to support local and the consume good quality products. The more organic and unprocessed the higher the vibe! Make a conscious decision to be more mindful with what you are fueling yourself with and you will feel a difference.

Need some inspiration in this department - these ladies have you covered!

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4. Move!

Vibration requires movement, so getting your blood pumping and moving your body is a great way to raise your vibration. A walk, some yoga, a dance party for one – anything to get your chi flowing!

If you’re in Canada, download the Carrot Rewards app and earn Scene or Petro Points for walking -sponsored by the government and totally legit!

RISE up and join a womens circle - read this blog post!

5. Rise your vibration together!

Have you heard the saying ‘your vibe, attracts your tribe’? When you’re living that high vibe life you will have people come into your life that 'get you' and will rise you higher. The sisterhood at RISE is like this; we’re all very different women with different history and different struggles but we are all there together creating a sisterhood that rise each other up.

Read '4 Powerful Lessons a woman’s circle will teach you' and sign up for he Next RISE event on Sept 10 in Stouffville, Ontario.

There are lots more things you can do to start living a high vibrational life – drink more water, do kundalini yoga, mediate, ground yourself, laugh, be in nature I’ll share more in future posts but I hope this these five things are easy starts to help rise you to a vibe life! I hope you claim your power and join me at the next RISE event as we rise each other up and vibe together.