3 Crystals for the Full Moon

4 crystals for the full moon

3 Crystals for the Full Moon

Going back thousands of years, many cultures have looked to the Moon to govern everything from crops to their spiritual practices. The Full Moon, with it's powerful pull on the water - in the ocean and in our bodies- is an excellent time to connect with crystals.

The Full Moon is the brightest of all the moon phases and it has the potential to fill us with profound emotional awareness and creativity. A Full Moon is all about reaping what you have sown and being grateful for the lessons you have learnt, and looking a head at the next stage.

Use the Full Moon to set your crystals out in the moon light to cleanse them. It's also a great time to set intentions with your crystals!

Crystals can be visual reminders of the intentions we set. Hold your crystal - or your gemstone bracelet - say or think your intention or affirmation several times. Feel the connection between your intention and the energy of the crystal. Use your crystal as a visual reminder of the intentions you set.

Each crystal has a story - how it was created, it's role in history and culture, and the metaphysical properties attached to it. Below are 3 crystals that are great to work with on Full Moons.



Clear Quartz for the Full Moon

Clear Quartz

The most abundant mineral on the earth's surface, quartz is here to help provide clarity and amplify positive energy. 

Clear Quartz is also known as Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal. According to the authors of "Michael's Gemstone Dictionary," clear-white quartz crystal rocks are the most versatile gemstones available, and they have the ability to promote clarity, clear the mind, and stimulate the body's energy field. Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. 

It's the perfect crystal to start with to help amplify the energy of your intentions.

Read more about Quartz here.

Amythyst the stone of spirt for the Full Moon



Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which balances the emotional, spiritual, and physical to promote calm and purifies the spirit. If you are on the path of spiritual growth, then this is the gemstone for you. Amethyst is said to work with your third eye and crown chakras. It encourages spiritual wisdom and mental clarity.

Amethyst  helps provide inner strength, brings forth emotional stability, and helps you trust in your intuition. While amethyst boots your intuitiveness and spiritual growth, it is also a good blocker of negative energy. It is said to block out  negative environmental energies. 

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Sodalite for the full moon - find your voice!


Sodalite is a rare gemstone but here in Ontario it's not too hard to find as we have several sodalite mines in North Ontario.

Wearing sodalite is believed to bring your attention to the qualities of inner peace, truth, and clear logical thinking. It helps to combine intuition and logic. It calms the chatter in your head, providing mental clarity so that you can see the many layers and the bigger picture. Don’t be surprised if you start to come into realization of your personal truths while wearing sodalite!

It is an excellent aid for creativeness and self-expression. Emotions that need to be felt are brought forward so that you can work through them, feel then, express them, and move through them. It’s excellent to help connect your thoughts with your and communicate this effectively – which is why it’s called the Poet’s Stone. It’s great to wear when doing group activities or when discussing things with your partner.

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Create rituals for the new moon

Create a Full Moon ritual

It's all about creating a ritual that speaks to your heart - something that you can repeat with each cycle and find a deep connection with.

Some things you could include:

-Wear your Aura gemstone bracelets.

-Set intentions for the next cycle.

-Decide on what affirmations you will use daily.

-Purge both mentally and physically. Clean your space, get rid items, and write down things that are no longer serving you and burn them.

-Use sage and Paolo Santo.

-Put your crystals out in the moonlight to cleanse.

-Make a Full Moon crystal grid - use some of the crystals listed above!


Now go get that summer magic....Blessed Be!