Reiki - What is it and how can a Reiki infused bracelet help me?

What is Reiki and what are reiki infused bracelets

What is Reiki energy?

Reiki is a form of energy work and isn’t tied to any religion or dogma – there is nothing you must believe it in order to use it or benefit from it. You also can’t be harmed by it either. The practitioner acts as a channel to allow Reiki energy, also known as the Universal Life Force Energy, to flow and help remove energy blocks in our system caused by emotional or physical stress and pain or to flow and infuse objects.

Can anyone practice Reiki?

To be a practitioner of Reiki, you need to go through a process called an attunement where after going through the learning, a Reiki Master adjusts your chakras enabling them to become channels for the Universal Life Force Energy.

What was the experience of attunement like?

I went through the classes and process pretty skeptical but open to the experience. It was really interesting learning more about Charkas, as it was something that I had only vaguely been introduced to in yoga. During my final attunement by the Reiki Master, I  felt like the ocean at full moon. It was like a rolling sensation of waves of energy from my toes up to my head, like a strong gravitational pull upward, and then quite suddenly I felt a great sense of peacefulness and calm. Quite the physical and emotional experience! Reiki has been a great blessing and I am happy to be able to share it with others.

How can Reiki infused jewelry help me?

When Reiki energy is infused into crystals, it is said to magnify the metaphysical properties. It charges the object with positive energy and increases the effectiveness of a crystal’s natural vibration – which in turn interact with your own body’s vibration. Wearing a Reiki infused Aura bracelet you are intentionally surrounding yourself with good vibes only!

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