Live with intention – how you do anything is the way you do everything

Live with intension

Do you put things off? Do you cut corners? Do you find the days blend into each other? Take a deep breath and get ready to start living your life intentionally.

Let’s start by thinking about what living intentionally means. It means knowing why you do what you and knowing why you don’t do other things. It’s about pausing and being thoughtful about your decisions. You life is made up from millions of choices and you can choose to have the life you have always wanted – if you make the choices to get their intentionally. All the little things add up!

How did you start your morning today? Press snooze one too many times? Did you go through the motions of your regular routine? Was breakfast what you always have or just thrown together with out though? Your morning routine is a simple way to start living intentionally.

Start realistically. A morning yoga session and 5km run while the sun rises sounds amazing but a little bit hard to pull off if you are used to pressing snooze. But what’s the thought and intension to wanting your ideal morning? It could be to take time for yourself, to be reflective, to be fit, sexy and healthy. Start small and work up to your ideal – be easy and kind to yourself. Have a glass of water ready to drink in the morning. Do some simple yoga stretches after you get out of bed. Put o your Aura bracelet and say one of the affirmations that comes with it. Start your morning with intension!

Once you start your morning off right you will see this trickle into other areas of your life. Apply these lessons to other moments. Know that how you do anything is the way you do everything. Be reflective, pause when you find you are just going through the routine, and be aware of your decisions.

Love and light,

The Aura team